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Handmade glassware, without the handmade pricetag.


Wilmington, Delaware, United States

We are a young and vibrant company that is changing the glassware industry by offering an entirely new drinking experience at a price that makes it accessible to a greater audience by cutting out the middleman.

  • Glasvin is an ultra-light, ultra-thin, hand-blown glass designed to bring you closer to your wine and the people you share it with.
  • Our wine glasses are designed to bring out the widest range of aromas and are suitable for all wines. They are dishwasher safe so you’ll be able to use them again and again.
  • The world’s most elegant stems, delivered at a huge discount. We’re able to offer hand-blown glasses for stunning value by selling directly to you, and taking lower mark-ups.

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Glasvin products

The Universal

Glasvin Universal is an ultra-light all-purpose glass, perfect for every kind of wine. We’ve designed a highly elegant and modern glass that will change how you drink wine, and how you enjoy wine with others. Each item is unique.

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The Decanter

Glasvin Decanter fills to the widest diameter with a 750mL bottle. It can contain a full magnum bottle as well. It is narrow enough so that it does not take up too much table space. To speed up aeration, the decanter can be effortlessly swirled from the neck. We designed it so it complements our line of glassware in form for casual wine nights as well as full-scale blind tasting events. Each item is unique.

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The Aromatic

Glasvin Aromatic is designed to showcase highly sensual wines, providing the maximal aromatic release while tasting both red and white wines. This glass is closest to a Burgundy glass or a chardonnay glass. Each item is unique.

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